Are your thoughts oriented towards Abundance and Well-Being?

Your Thoughts

Are your thoughts oriented
towards abundance and well being?

(From the book: “Awaken your potential”)
by: Johnny Bardavid

“Thoughts are like the wind.
We cannot see or touch them, but we can always observe the results of their presence”.

Wayne Dyer.


Thinking is what we do most in life. We are in constant dialogue with others or with ourselves

How can you tell if your thoughts guide you towards abundance and well-being?

Paying attention to your achievements
and the feelings and emotions they generate!

When your thoughts are in the same vibratory frequency as your desires, your expectations, your fears, your hopes…
As a vibratory consequence, you will tend to attract their manifestation.

If you aspire to solve financial, family or health problems and your thoughts are trusting, longing, hopeful and full of faith, you will tend to attract, by the law of resonance, the circumstances, persons, ideas, inspiration, creativity, ingenuity necessary, to materialize the desired results.

On the other hand, if you face these problems, with dominant thoughts of doubt, fear, and resentment, which are not in the same vibratory frequency of your desires, your emotions will be of worry, despair, abandon, pessimism, discouragement, anxiety, insecurity, rage, violence or anger and as a vibratory consequence, you will not attract their possible solutions, thus becoming your own worst enemy.

As you become aware of your emotions, you will always know if you are in command or not of your life.

You will not tend to blame other people, situations or circumstances for your failures.

Your emotions will always be the extraordinary compass that will let you know how you are directing your life.

"To find the shortest path

Towards the achievement of your desires,
Focus on the final result,
Not on how you will achieve it.

Trust the universe”

Mike Dooley

With our thoughts, we can turn our life into a beautiful garden or a thicket full of thorns...

Observe your emotions!

How are you directing your life?

Text extracted from the book
“Awaken your potential” –
by   Johnny Bardavid

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